About Us

The Clown Town for Kidz, a part of the Town & Country Programs for Kidz*, is a hands-on workshop program for boys and girls, clown jugglerages 10 to 16, it is facilitated by volunteers**, and serves kids and teens in Chandler, Gilbert and Queen Creek, AZ.

Do you enjoy clowning around? Well, decide what kind of clown you want to be!  Want to work withclown - rodeo clown kids your own age, start a clown ministry, be a mime or acrobat, specialize in magic, march in parades, be a junior rodeo clown or clown around on the high trapeze. Best of all you will form lasting friendships while making our community laugh out loud.

Get newsletters, resources and great clown workshops without spending a fortune.  Although a primary goal is assisting you in discovering the joys of clowning, we are also a very social group!

Join us for just $100.00** for a full years membership.

**All adult volunteers need Arizona issued Fingerprint Cards.

*A Division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC